A fabric arm chair in black and white with a table and water on the side
Maximum comfort in all categories. Optimal use of space. The sleeping area noticeably separated - the bed as a kind of cocoon for comfort and relaxation. High-quality materials on all surfaces. Lots of real wood, lots of attention to detail from the artwork on the walls to the flowers on the table. Dreamy bedding. Coolness with warmth. Functionality with intelligence.
Restaurant of the hotel in Schwabing in dark ambience with many small lamps and candles
Petit Fritz
Colorful breakfast at Hotello in Schwabing with eggs, bread, sweet pastries and coffee
A set table with dinner for two in the restaurant of the hotel in Schwabing
Dark wooden entrance door to the Petit Fritz restaurant of the hotel in Schwabing
A basket of croissants at the breakfast buffet of the hotel in Schwabing
Sweet pastries, drinks and white tulips stand on a white marble table in the hotel in Schwabing
The Petit Fritz may not be "petit" in size, but we certainly find it fantastic.
Summarizing the food concept of Petit Fritz in two sentences is challenging. How about focusing on the courses? Homemade quality with every bite, with every spoonful. Loyalty to their own standards of quality combined with loyalty to suppliers who meet those standards. The freshly baked bread or the homemade poultry paté are just two of the many highlights of the Petit Fritz kitchen.

Making the best out of every ingredient means, for the Petit Fritz team led by Tom Breiter, doing it themselves. You can taste it, it tastes fantastique!

HOtello guests indulge in an opulent à la carte breakfast at Petit Fritz, garnished with the typical interior charm of a French bistro. It couldn't be more authentic, just like the dishes. It's no wonder that the service is also formidable.

Focus on the essentials - that's the focal point and aspiration of the partnership between HOtello and Petit Fritz.
Black hangers hang on hooks in front of wooden wall next to round lamp
A patterned fabric chair with cushions and a small table with book on the side
Underground parking garage of hotel in Schwabing with black and white logo on wall
Black printed room numbers as signposts in Schwabing hotel
A small desk with a table lamp and a yellow velvet sofa in the hotel in Schwabing
Details of a bed in hotel Schwabing with white and gray pillows
A round black table with a vase in front of the window of a hotel room in Schwabing
Hohenzollernstraße 9
80801 Munich
+49 89 30 90 77 0

Every guest has different priorities: is immediate infrastructure important or proximity to the airport and other amenities? Luckily, we meet both of these criteria at HOtello Schwabing:
  • 10 minutes by public transportation to Munich city center 
  • 30 minutes to Munich Airport by car and 40 minutes by public transportation 
If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, feel free to call or send us an email. We work in analog and digital ways, efficiently and, most importantly, to ensure your comfort.
  • HOtello Schwabing

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