Details of a hotel room with a yellow couch, night lamps and scent sticks
No matter how long or short your journey was: Our desire is for you to instantly relax and feel 100% welcome upon your arrival. Because that's what you are. 24/7. And always. Welcome to HOtello.
Hotel bed with pillows in front of a wooden wall
  • Meticulous hospitality across 6 floors
  • Roof terrace rooms with city views
  • Underground parking spaces with electric charging stations
  • French bistro "Petit Fritz" located directly in-house
Cozy hotel bed with warm light on side table
  • 5-minute walk to the city center, located directly at Isartor
  • Parking available in the public parking garage across the street
  • Pop-up bar "Terra" featuring cocktail creations made in Munich
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A black sweatshirt with
A tribute to values.
Every guest is unique. As hosts, it is our aspiration to be unique as well. On the path towards that goal, we have defined numerous small objectives for the HOtello brand, which we constantly question and eagerly strive to develop further. We consciously select and honestly examine. It is not solely about function or form. The result matters: satisfied guests.

Our attention to detail devotes the utmost attention even to the smallest intricacies. Quality craftsmanship and collaborations with passionate specialists infuse the spaces with genuine, tangible value.
LED sign in front of the Hotello building in Schwabing
„There is no finality in style - only continuous change.“
Walter Gropius
A set table for two with dinner, a bottle of wine and a candle
A set breakfast table for two with french toast, eggs, sweets and coffee
Wine and champagne bottles are ordered in front of upside down hanging glasses at the hotello bar
A la carte. A la minute. A votre santé.
The breakfast offerings in both hotels cater to a wide range of dietary styles. Whether it's indulging in a Croque Monsieur or Madame or opting for a purist approach with a freshly baked croissant and butter, the menu is deliberately small and exquisite, featuring exclusively selected products, including vegan options.

At HOtello Schwabing, the french bistro Petit Fritz is our in-house partner, providing culinary delights that allow our guests to feel like they are in France, thanks to an authentic interior and genuine French cuisine.

At HOtello Lehel, you can expect refined hospitality with a healthy organic breakfast buffet in the mornings and cocktails made in Munich from Terra Bar in the evenings. Regardless of the time, here or there: Heartfelt hospitality.
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David Lucas Roelen is posing in front of the camera and holding his hand in front of his face
Our Contributors. Passionate professionals.
As diverse as the HOtello Friends may appear at first glance, their common ground is vast. They all share a deep love for what they do. Passion. Values. Authenticity. Visions. Their hearts beat for these qualities – so that yours as our guest beats faster.

With a unique created room fragrance, Munich-made sneakers as casual work attire, and so much more. Here, we introduce the people behind all:
Chris Rehberger
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Schwabing Lehel